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5 Extraordinary Reasons What Motivate us to Forgive Others

5 Extraordinary Reasons What Motivate us to Forgive Others

Forgiveness is the most beautiful thing ever exist in society. But, what motivate us to forgive those who hurt our feelings and make us feel bad in society.

Forgiveness is forgetting all the evils that someone has done with you. Moving forward by ignoring harsh face of people and keeping big heart. Focusing on your own aims and Straightening of ways are main purpose of forgiveness.

The benefit of forgiveness is not for single person but both forgiver and sinner get benefit from it. The person who show mercy on others reflect his big heart and thus his respect increases.

Contrary to this, An enemy became your friend when you forgive him. Moreover, he came to know his mistakes so he never repeat these mistakes in the past.

We have compiled 7 outstanding reasons what motivate us to forgive our enemies. Read and share with your friends to spread forgiveness all around the world.

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1. God is the best Forgiver

Human being is renowned sinner. We make mistakes. We hurt others and we taunt others. Unluckily, we are so sinful that it is difficult to calculate. But, every time we make a mistake. We bow before God and he forgive us.

It is famous quote, “Forgive others as you expect forgiveness from God.” So, it is the best option to understand forgiveness that we must obey God and forgive everyone without lingering on the matter further.

2. Natural Love within Us

Every person possess love within himself. It is human nature. God has made human for Love and affection. We must understand that we are made to love others not to hate others.

Forgiveness is the best things by which we can show our love. Join hands of forgiveness and end hate from this world. Peace is natural, war is artificial.

3. Promote Peace

World War I and World War II has promoted much destruction in the world. Thousands of people have lost their life due to hate which prevailed throughout the world.

Unfortunately, No nation forgive other and caused a havoc. The danger created by these wars burdened the whole society. This burden is unforgettable.

Even, Now nations want to forgive each other rather than fight. Stubborn behavior of any leader is considered worst due to bad impacts of war.

What motivates us to forgive is need of peace in world. If we start forgiving minor and major mistakes of one another, this will result in promotion of peace and rejection of war and war like threats.

4. A Sense of Good Will

It is a sign of good will to forgive others.

Not even individuals but also nations forgive each other as a sign of Good Will. Like North Korea and South Korea are considered rivals but they meet together in Olympics as a sign of Good Will.

India and Pakistan are also rival countries. But, Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi came to Pakistan on birthday of Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif as a sign of Good Will.

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This is much important because it strengthen relations and help in forgetting the complications of relations.

What motivate us to forgive is a sense of good will that enemies are also welcome to enter into our heart and get a great space if they have mend themselves.

5. For the Welfare of Public

Forgiveness is a general term for welfare of the public. What motivate you to forgive? The welfare of people. So, If someone ask me to write what motivate you to forgive essay thesis statement, i will surely write it as,

“Welfare of the people, fear of God and human nature are the motivational forces to forgive others in Life.”

What Motivate us to forgive others?

1. Fear of God 2. Human Nature of Love 3. Our God is great Forgiver

Is it easy to forgive others?

It is much easy to forgive others. We can easily forgive others with our God gifted loving nature and forgetting all flaws of others.

What do you think?

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