Emotionally Immature Parents PDF Free Download With Summary

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Adult children of emotionally immature parents pdf is a book written by Lindsey D. Gibson. The book focuses on ways by which a person can heal himself from rejecting Parents.

Takeaways From, “Emotionally Immature Parents”

The book, “adult children of emotionally immature parents in pdf” is available on our website for download.

Let us give you that fast summary of the book,

Children have strong connections. They always need someone to attend and help them. They trust their parents much more than anyone. They are emotionally immature in their childhood and thus need extra care from their parents.

Without Mature parents, Child’s relationship remains disturbed throughout his life. He fails to understand the facts and thus his mental capacity is affected. It leads to lifetime anxiety and stress in children and it suffers throughout their life.

According to this book, There are four kinds of emotionally immature parents

  1. Emotional
  2. Driven
  3. Passive
  4. Rejecting

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Emotional Parents are unstable. They need someone to stabilize themselves. They are unpredictable too so you can expect anything from emotional parents.

Driven Parents They are very busy. They take care of their children and try to run their life in perfect manner.

Passive Parents They have passion and empathy. But, they try to be dominant. They abuse and affect their children without intervening in their personal life.

Rejecting Parents remain isolated. They do not intervene nor try to prevent their children from doing immature things.

There is the fifth kind in which parents are a blend of these four types.

The book gave an overview of types of parents. It is very useful for effective parenting and understanding the reasons for child’s failure to understand life. Must read recovering from emotionally immature parents pdf available below for download.

There are two types to react to emotionally immature parents

  1. Externalizers
  2. Internalizers

Externalizers think that everything happening around there is due to external factors. And, external remedies are required to solve the problems. Thus, they neglect everything.

Internalizers believe that the problems lie within them. They work to improve themself and find themselves guilty of all the mistakes. Thus, they are not fully emotionally immature parents. They are very independent.

Those children with immature parents don’t know how to cope with problems. They wish for happiness in life and thus expect pleasure from their adult partners.

Other than this, depression, stress, and anxiety are serious complications due to such parents which affect almost every relationship in life.

The case is totally different in a good family where parents are mature and children understand everything and thus know the limits and cons of having adult partners in their life.

How to Change Yourself after Emotionally Immature Parents

Adults of emotionally immature parents pdf free available for download. The book has given some advice to change yourself if you have emotionally immature parents

  1. Don’t expect more: This is life. You should limit your expectation in life.
  2. Give up your fantasies: If you have too many fantasies in life. You will try to get it from the outside and thus you will suffer the consequences.
  3. Detached Observation: Manage things around you but never engage yourself in problems.
  4. Focus on Outcome Just observe what you are doing and what are the outcomes of your actions.
  5. Stay Polite Improve your role as a child. What you did in the past was a mistake. Now, Change yourself and try to play an important role in the family by keeping everyone intact and calm.

Stay Positive and read adult children of emotionally immature parents pdf available on our website.

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