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FPSC Assistant Director Past Papers Updated for all those aspirates who are preparing for the upcoming Assistant Director FIA, Assistant Director IB, and all other MCQ papers. Start your preparation from today by preparing these most important fpsc assistant director FIA past papers.

These are past papers that are frequently asked in the fpsc exams. So download fpsc past papers for assistant director fia pdf to prepare your exam. We wish you the best of luck with your MCQs paper for FPSC Assistant Director FIA.

FIA is a federal investigation agency. FPSC held papers of FIA every year to recruit officials of this department. FPSC Assistant Director Past Papers are available on this website to prepare your exam smartly.

fpsc assistant director fia past papers

FPSC Assistant Director FIA Past Papers

English Portion

Read these most important fpsc Assistant Director past papers English MCQs.

Identify the grammatical portion of the underlined word.

  • This a good enough……….Adverb
  • She laughed heartily…………… Adverb
  • I like the New Book………….. Article
  • The Highest Peak of the Himalayas Range is found in Pakistan……………… Superlative degree of Adjective
  • He wakes up late…….Adverb of Time
  • The sweets were distributed among children and friends……….Conjunction


  • Augur: Signify
  • Insolvent: Bankrupt
  • Dowdy: Unstylish


  • Parallel: Divergent
  • Stubborn: Pliable
  • Novel: Traditional

Select the word or phrase which is opposite in the meaning of the word italicized

  • His meanness is proverbial………Kindness
  • Rafique drove to a place by a circuitous route………Short
  • The minister gave a public speech on the controversial subject to precipitate the matter………Pushed


  • One should be patient ……………… bearing misfortune. with
  • I was quite cowed ………………….. by other man’s threat. down
  • He feeds ……………. flattery. On
  • He is cut out …………….. principalship. for
  • He …………….. to Lahore yesterday. went

General Knowledge and Math

  • Which country’s head attended Pakistan’s 23 March 2018 Parade? Sri Lankan Prime Minister
  • Current Secretary-General of UN? Antonie Guterres
  • Since 2018, the President of China will be elected for? Lifetime
  • Prime Minister of Britain? Borris Johnson
  • Three T20 Cricket matches Between Pak and WI were played in April 2018 in which city? Karachi
  • Total number of Members of US Senate? 100
  • Which of the following country is a republic? Britain
  • How many Special economic zones are in CPEC? 9
  • 462-(?)=4398-3066 Answer: 28
  • The difference between the place values of 8 in the numeral 6283481 is? 79920
  • International Human Right Day on 10 December.
  • 2nd RCEP Summit was held in 2018 at Singapore.
  • Current Iranian President? Hassan Rouhani
  • The six-party talk was to find a peaceful solution to the security concerns against North Korean Nuclear Weapon Program
  • The US withdraw nuclear deal with Iran on? 8 May 2018
  • The 10th International defense exhibition and seminar was held in 2018 between 27-30Nov 2018.
  • Which country is going to host SAFF Championship 2020? Pakistan
  • Russian President Vilamadir Putin belongs to which party? None of these
  • Current Chinese foreign Minister? Wang Xi
  • Which Pakistan has been named among the most powerful men in 2018 by Forbes Magazine? General Qamar Javed Bajwa
  • The 2nd Nobel Laureate from Pakistan is? Malala Yousuf Zai

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  • First Nuclear Power plant in the Arab world? UAE
  • UNHCR inked a preliminary plan for Rohingya repatriation in April 2018 with Bangladesh
  • The first country to recognize, “Orphanage Trafficking” Australia
  • US, Mexico and ……………. USMCA to replace NAFTA. Canada
  • The Theme of World AIDS Day 2018? Know Your status
  • Ambassador of Afghanistan to Pakistan? Muhammad Shokaib
  • Kartarpur Boarder is in Narowal
  • Voter turn out in election 2018? 55.8
  • The range of Missile Hatf 7 is 350-700 KM
  • First converted to Islam among Women Hazrat Bibi Khadija (SA).
  • Stages in Quran? 7
  • Hazrat Yousuf (RA) at the time of migration to Egypt? 13 Years
  • How many basic sources of fiqh? 4
  • What is called when seven times walk around Kabaa? Tawaaf
  • At the age of 25, The Holy Prophet(PBUH) went on to a business trip to Syria
  • Hazrat Umer was born in 583 AD.
  • The approximation in which the original length is very small as compared to the final stretched length? Elastic approximation
  • The drum of the photostat machine is made up of? Selenium
  • The prime object of Punishment is deterrence
  • The force exerted by a uniform electric field on a dipole is Parallel to the electric field.
  • Zakat ratio on wealth is 2.5%
  • On the day of Hudaibiyah, who came being chained? Hazrat Abu Jandal (RA)
  • SI Unit of Pressure? Pascal
  • A camera uses…………… to make image? Convex Lens
  • ………………. is mixed to melt the ice on the icy road? Salt
  • X-Ray discovered by Roentgen
  • The speed of light is 300,000 km/s
  • CNG? Compressed Natural Gas
  • In low temperature, which will freeze at last? Sea Water
  • Press F8 Thrice to select what? Sentence
  • White light passed through a prism, and split into 7 colours.
  • Style sets are stored in Quick Style Gallery.
  • 1 nanometer = 10-9m
  • Used to measure high temperature? Pyrometer
  • Ctrl+Z used for? Undo
  • Sound waves are ……….. waves? Longitudinal
  • Life span of WBCs? 1-3 days
  • Who won FIFA WC 2018? France

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