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Most Important General Intelligence MCQs for FPSC 2023

Most Important General Intelligence MCQs for FPSC

Prepare general intelligence MCQs for FPSC to secure allocation in the top federal government department of Pakistan. Are you a government job aspirant? And looking for FPSC MCQs preparation books.

FPSC mostly announce jobs for grade BS-16 to BS-20. Each job is followed by one paper or comprehensive exam with an interview. In FPSC MCQs tests, general intelligence MCQs are asked.

We have compiled General Intelligence MCQs for FPSC for all the aspirants. Read them thoroughly and bookmark this page so you easily repeat this important FPSC MCQs whenever required.

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FPSC General Intelligence MCQs with Answers

  1. MS Office is a horizontal market
  2. You can check the conditions against cell value when applying conditional formatting.
  3. You can use Print to convert word into pdf.
  4. Find the number of triangles which can be formed by joining the angular points of a polygon of 8 sides as vertices: 56
  5. A basketball has a volume of 5600cm3. what is the approximate radius?
  6. The formula for finding the volume of a circle is v= 4/3× 3.14×r³
  7. Who admired Muslim efforts to save Ahadith? A J Springer
  8. When Hazrat Umer Captured Jerusalem for the first time: in 638 CE
  9. Anandi is written by Ghulam Abbas
  10. Which article give Supreme Court the Suo Moto Power? Article 184(3)
  11. National Tree of Pakistan: Deodar
  12. The current governor of Gilgit Baltistan Syed Mehdi Shah
  13. The current governor of KPK Jam Muhammad Khan Jamali
  14. the current chief of Pakistan air force: Air chief Marshal Zaheer Ahmed Babar
  15. Muslims invaded Spain in 711 CE
  16. the first session of the constituent assembly was held on 10 August 1947
  17. Which region of the world was declared free from wild polio on 20 August 2020? Africa
  18. When IK visited Saudia Arabia in 2020: 7 May
  19. Current Secretary of state of USA Antony J. Blinken
  20. Novel Sidharta written by Harmeen Hasse
  21. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014
  22. In Pakistan, how many persons died of tobacco disease every year: 0.16 Million 
  23. Shah Wali ul lah born in 1703
  24. The last dynasty of the Delhi sultanate is Lodhi
  25. The residential imperial twin tower is in India
  26. Long March 5 rocket launched by China
  27. Kalabagh capacity 3600MW
  28. The lunar sea refers to a dark plain on the moon
  29. Saudia Arabia founded which city on the sea of red shores: Neom
  30. The tenure of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto as PM 1973-1977
  31. Who plays the leading role in the drama Waris: Mehboob Alam
  32. Latency time is the Time to spin the needed data under head
  33. The current chairman of NEpRA? Tauseef H.
  34. The current chairman of the All Parties Hurriyat conference? Musarrat Bhatt 
  35. Which Indian PM declared an emergency in the seventies? Indira Gandhi
  36. Which element is liquid at room temperature? Bromine
  37. According to Von Thunen Model, the central place is City
  38. : The green-eyed monster: means jealousy
  39. Antonym of Dainty: Vigorous
  40. Times New Roman, and Ariel are examples of Font Format
  41. In Powerpoint, the header and footer can be found on the insert tab in what group? Text Group
  42. Name of the tribe of Hazrat haleem: Banu hawazin
  43. Imam Al Nasai born in 214 Hijri
  44. Novel kis zaban ka lafz hai? Atalvi
  45. One US gallon = 3.78 Litre
  46. How many default layout pages are in PowerPoint? 24
  47. Akhir e Shab ka Humsafar written by Quratul ain haider
  48. Jurat ka asal naaam hai Yahya Aman
  49. UNICEF was established in which year? 1946
  50.  In May 2020, which country did not set a growth target China
  51. The term sociology was coined by August Comte
  52. Ethanol extract from sugarcane can be used in Brazil as an alternative fuel for car.
  53. The movement of earth material as a unit along a curved surface is called Slump
  54. Navagio Beach is in Greece
  55. Which country joined UNO in 2006 Montenegro
  56. The real name of Ibn e Taymiyyah is Taqi ud din
  57. NBP established in 1949
  58. Tape speed is measured in Inch Per Second
  59. The US started withdrawing its troops on 1 May 2020
  60. When NATO forces left Afghanistan 2021
  61. Be out of Blue means Suddenly
  62. Traveling from place to place is itirenent
  63.  The antonym of Dastard is Hero
  64. Joe Biden elected senator from which state> Delaware
  65. The rearview mirror of a motor vehicle is convex
  66. The layout of handout design called the handout master
  67. PTI secure how many votes in Kashmir? 25
  68. 19th SAARC Conference held in Pakistan
  69. Desert movement is the resultant feature of which of the following: Deflation
  70. Muhammad Bin Zayed, First UAE Leader to visit Pakistan after 12 Years
  71. WHO Coined UNO Name: Franklin D. Roosevelt
  72. USSR Disintegrated in 1991 in how many states: 15
  73. The hottest desert in the world is Lut Desert
  74. Umer ata bandial is 28th Chief justice of Pakistan.
  75. Who wrote glimpse of world history? Jawaharlal Nehru
  76. In which year Graham Bell invented the telephone? 1876
  77. Which River is not flowing from Jammu and Kashmir? Beas
  78. In 2019-20 American bush fire seasons is also called Black Summer
  79. The biggest fort of Pakistan: ranikot fort
  80. Budget deficit in Pakistan 2021-22: 7.5 percent
  81. Rameez Raja is 36th Chairman of PCB.
  82. Which mountain range is located in the south of Pakistan: Kirthar
  83. Pakistan national poet Allama Iqbal died on 21 April 1938
  84. Sana Marin of Finland is famous for Youngest Political Leader
  85. How many time squash ball jump One
  86. School of Public Policy located in Lahore
  87. First gulf nation to complete FATF conditions: Saudia Arabia
  88. Kashmiri Leader Maqbool butt martyred in which the year 1984
  89. Cabinet approved the National security policy on 28 December 2021. And launched on 14 January 2022.
  90. The Gandhara school of art developed during the reign of Kushanas
  91. International Mother Language Day 21 February
  92. Limestone found in sedimentary rocks
  93. Jehlum and chenab river meet at Trimmu
  94. Who was the British delegate to the UN when the Kashmir issue first discuss at UN Philip Noel-Baker
  95. “Flying horse was the nickname of which Pakistani Player: Sami ul lah Khan
  96. Which of the following is responsible for turning taj mahal Yellow: Sulphur dioxide
  97. Which direction does wind flow around areas of high pressure in the Northern hemisphere? Clockwise
  98. First Muslim musician in the sub-continent: Ameer Khusro
  99. A tropical cyclone becomes a hurricane at speed of 74mph.
  100. Moinuddin Ahmed Qureshi become caretaker PM in July 1993

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