Top 100 Most Repeated General Science MCQs With Answers

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Most Repeated General Science MCQs for CSS

General Science MCQs include Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. You are not supposed to grip each and every aspect of these subjects. Basic information is necessary to score high marks in any competitive exam or entry test.

Without the basic knowledge of general science MCQs, it is quite impossible to get shortlisted in any job test held by any testing service. Thus, General Science MCQs are a prerequisite to passing the Entry test.

General Science MCQs are most repeated. So, if you are a beginner in one paper preparation. We advice you to must read these most important general science MCQs. It will not only help you in competitive exams but will enhance your memory and knowledge. By preparing it, your 20% preparation will be complete.

  1. Which of the following is not a water-soluble vitamin? Vit. A, D, E, K
  2. Anti Diuretic Harmone is secreted by? Pituitary Gland
  3. Who discovered Insulin Vaccine? Sir Frederick G Banting
  4. Who discovered Rabies Vaccine? Louis Pasteur
  5. The Basic Law of Geometry was discovered by? Pythagoras
  6. The quantity of ozone in the atmosphere is measured by which unit? Dobson
  7. Wind cannot pass through? Vacuum
  8. Which Blood Group is Universal Donor? O-
  9. Which Blood group is the universal acceptor? AB+
  10. The name of the virus causing lumpy skin disease in animals? Capripoxvirus
  11. The smallest unit of hereditary is? Gene
  12. Kingdom Protista includes? Single-cell protists like protozoa (FPSC 2022)
  13. Which gas is damaging the Ozone Layer? Chlorofluorocarbons
  14. The blue color of the clear sky is due to the? Dispersion of light
  15. Rickets is caused by deficiency of which vitamin? Vitamin D
  16. Scurvy is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin? Vitamin C
  17. Which vitamin is helpful in the clotting of blood? Vitamin K
  18. The functional Unit of the Environment is known as the? Ecosystem (PPSC 2022)
  19. Positively charged particles are called? Protons
  20. Negative charged Particles are? Electrons
  21. The study of Teeth is called? Odontology (FPSC 2022)
  22. Who discovered Diesel Engine? Rudolf Diesel
  23. Brightest Planet in the Solar system? Venus
  24. Fastest planet in the solar system? Mercury
  25. The slowest planet is the solar system? Venus
  26. Largest Planet in Solar system? Jupiter
  27. Smallest Planet in the Solar system? Mercury
  28. Which planet is nearest to the sun? Mercury
  29. Which planet is nearest to earth? Mercury
  30. Total Numbers of Moon of Jupiter are? 79
  1. Which part of the body is responsible to remove waste from the body? Kidney
  2. The form of energy stored in a dam is? Potential energy
  3. The number of chromosomes in the Pea Plant is? 14
  4. The safety pin is invented by? Walter Hunt
  5. The study of insects is called? Entomology
  6. The number of bones in a human body? 206
  7. The number of bones in a newly born child is? 300
  8. The study of glands is called? Endocrinology
  9. BeriBeri is caused due to deficiency of? Vitamin B1
  10. The height of the Ozone layer from the surface of the earth is? 20-30 KM
  11. Which of the following is called Morning Star? Venus
  12. Oncology is the study of? Cancer
  13. The richest source of Vitamin D is? Sunlight
  14. The breathing rate of human is? 16-20 minute
  15. How many teeth in human body? 32
  16. Ulna is a bone in which part of body? Leg (FPSC 2022)
  17. The smallest bone in human body? Stapes
  18. Which instrument is used to meaure amount of water vapour in air? Hygrometer
  19. Instrument used to meaure wind speed? Anemometer
  20. Banaspati ghee is manufactured by using which gas? Hydrogen Gas
  21. Which gas is called laughing gas? Nitrous Oxide
  22. During complete solar eclipse, the rate of photosynthesis? decrease (FPSC 2022)
  23. When day and nights are equal, it is called? Equinox
  24. Metal which is liquid at room temperature? Mercury
  25. Spinach leaves are rich source of? Iron
  26. Which vitamin is produced in Liver? Vitamin K
  27. Night blindness is caused due to deficiency of? Vitamin A
  28. The lifespan of red blood cells is? 120 Days
  29. Lifespan of white blood cells is? 13-20 Days
  30. Radioactivity was discovered by? Bacquerel

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  1. Green Vegetables are rich in? Vitamin A
  2. Which theory explains the origin of world? Big Bang Theory
  3. Cosmology is the study of? Universe
  4. The layer of atmosphere in which we live? Troposphere
  5. Earth is closest to the sun on which month? Janvary
  6. Earth is farthest to the sun on which month? July
  7. A person who smoke oftenly get which disease? Emphysema
  8. Accumulation of salt in soil is called? Salinization
  9. Gas produced by burning of fuels? Corbon dioxide
  10. Smog is mixture of Smoke and Fog. (PPSC 2021)
  11. Skin cancer is also known as? Melanoma
  12. The hottest temperature ever recorded on earth? 134F (56.7C)
  13. The coldest temperature ever recorded on earth? -89.2F (FPSC 2022)
  14. Which on of the following planets orbits around the sun in a clockwise direction? Venus
  15. Who first meaured earth radius? Eratosthenes
  16. The position of earth from the sun is? 3rd
  17. Glucose syrup is made up of? Maize (FPSC 2022)
  18. Bamboo is a? Grass (FPSC 2022)
  19. Study of abnormality of body/Disease? Pathology
  20. Which element is used as moderator in nuclear reactor? Deutrium/Heavy Water
  21. The other name of dangue fever is? Breaking Bone Fever
  22. 1 BTU = 1055 Joule (PPSC 2019)
  23. Leather is majorly composed of? Collagen (FPSC 2022)
  24. Diabetes is abnormality which is caused due to? Lack of Insulin
  25. Blood in human body is which percent of total body weight? 7%
  26. Commercial aircrafts usually fly on which layer of atmosphere? stratosphere
  27. Which gas was not discovered on earth firstly? Helium
  28. The estimated age of sun is? 4.6 Billion years ago
  29. Most abundant color in Earth is? Blue
  30. Goitre is caused due to deficiency of? Iron
  31. The weight of our body in space? Lower
  32. Light travels from sun to earth in? 8 minutes 20 seconds
  33. The study of birds is called? Ornithology
  34. Astronomy is the study of? Heavenly Bodies
  35. Metrology is the study of? Meaurement
  36. Wind travels from? high to low concentration
  37. Myopia can be corrected by which lens? Convex
  38. The ability of microscope to distinguish two points? Resolution
  39. Human can hear sound with range? 20 to 20000 Hz.
  40. Barometer is used to meaure? Pressure

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We hope you have like these most repeated general science mcqs with answers. Prepare by analyzing these question. For example, memorize all instruments, terminologies and physical sciences to get 100% marks in general science mcqs portion.

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