Happy 57th National Day Singapore Wishes and History

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Happy 57th National Day Singapore 2022
Singapore National Day 2022
Happy independence day Singapore 2022

Happy Birthday, Singapore. Happy 57th National Day Singapore 2022 will be on 09 August of this year. Thanks to the nation of four languages and various united ethnic groups.

Singapore Independence Day History

The history of Singapore is as old as this globe. It remained under various empires. After empirical rule, Britishers make Singapore its colony. After World War II, Japan took the control of this lovely country.

But, the bravery of the nation forced Japan to surrender and give the rule of Singapore to its people. Thus, It goes under the federation government led by the political ideology of Lee Kuan Yew.

The continuous struggle of the people resulted in the sovereign country named Singapore in 1965. And, the nation is now celebrating the 57th national day of Singapore.

Singapore National Day Parade 2022

Have you bought a ticket to the Singapore independence day parade? We are because all the tickets are sold. Don’t worry, you can watch the parade of Singapore national day online on 09 August 2022 live from The Float @ Marina Bay.

Singapore Independence Day Wishes 2022

May the happiness of independence never end. May we always grow and see uncoutable independence days togther. Happy Independence Day

On this blessed day of independence, I want to solute the whole nation on their sacrifice to maintain the dignity of our nation.

Sufferings of our honest leaders will always be remembers on this auspicious Singapore independence day 2022.

We were homeless and disintergrated. Our nation unite us and give us freedom to live without differences and ethnic issues. Happy Singapore National Day 2022.

Language doesn’t matter for us. We are united. We are Singapore. Happy 57th national day Singapore.

On singapore national day 2022, we pray to God that May our all dreams come true. We achieve everything tommorow.

On 57th ceremony of national day, I promise to keep my patriotic passion alive for my nation. Happy National Day Singapore.

Singapore national day celebrations are rememberance to stay united because the moment we divide, we will fall.

Do not forget your goals on happy 57th national day Singapore. Our elders fought for soverignty. Now, we have to build our nation.

On Singapore national day 2022, I reiterate that my endless love for this beautiful nation will never end. I love my country too much!

Before and after my life, i always prefer to live in the paradise of Singapore.

We have created this great nation with Education. Happy Independence day Singapore.

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National Day Singapore 2022 Theme

The theme song of National Day Singapore 2022 is, “Stronger Together, Majulah!”.

Why do Singapore celebrate national day? The theme presented on 57th birthday of Singapore portray its history. When people were divided, the country was under British Empire. No one was free to celebrate and enjoy freedom in past.

Thus, People hold each other hands and forget ethnic and cultural issues. They did not bother difference of languages and thus, it unite each and every individual of Singapore. This unity makes them stronger and powerful in multipolar world.

Why Do We celebrate National Day in Singapore?

Being safest country of the world, Singapore has proved its existence as the most civilized nation. 69% people feel safe while walking worldwide. Comparatively, 94% people in singapore feel safe due to low crime rate and extra ordinary police services.

The Quality of Living in Singapore is 5th in the list of Asia Pacific countries. The country is meeting sustainable development goals with 47% land covered with plants.

Happy 57th national day of Singapore for the beautiful nightlife, tasty foods and lovely lifestyle in the country. This is major reason that global talent try to hunt job in Singapore and desire to pass their life in this country.

The nation is part of global connectivity programs and providing business friendly environment to all business leaders thus have wide role in economic prosperity of globe.

Long Live Singapore!

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