Complete Lecturer Education ppsc past papers 2021: PDF Download

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Lecturer Education PPSC Past Papers

Lecturer Education (Female) Paper Held By PPSC on 26 September 2021. We are sharing complete Lecturer Education PPSC Past papers with you. PPSC mostly ask a question from different MCQs bank. Mostly MCQs repeat so ppsc lecturer education book pdf will also be uploaded on this page.

PPSC Lecturer Education Book PDF

Lecturer Education PPSC Past Papers are uploaded below. Prepare the most important PPSC lecturer education MCQs for the upcoming Lecturer Education test.

Complete Lecturer Education Past Papers

  1. Crypto currency was first introduced in which province of Pakistan….KPK
  2. Jens Stoltenberg sectary general of…….NATO
  3. Scale have equal distance from one score to other….interval scale
  4. Ivan Pavlov…..Russian
  5. Instruction at the end of unit…. None
  6. Test measure ability for future…. aptitude test
  7. Epistemology….. knowledge
  8. theory related to teacher and social interaction…..Vegotsky
  9. Egocentrism remain no more in…..concrete operational stage
  10. average of 1st 150 natural number…..75
  11. Father earns 120 per hour and son earn half of it…if son work 2 hour more in one
    day both earn 480 rupees….find how much time a son did work….. 4
  12. High and low difference. ..Range
  1. logical reason ,problem solving in which stage of Piaget…..formal operational stage
  2. He is a poet and a novelist
  3. He ran into the.
  4. ginger is ….root
  5. ecosystem….decomposers
  6. Budhay Baloch ki naseehat……Armghan e ejaz
  7. Award 2013 writer….. intazar hussain
  8. projective …none
  9. CAI is operant.. classical
  10. oldest method of psychology…. introspection
  11. Millennium goal stress…..primary education
  12. 6-8.uniform Curriculm in Pakistan ..2022
  13. Trustworthiness, deceives, …. MANAGEMENT
  14. Tashkent pact ….Kal Bahadur shahstri
  15. same result same time…Reliability
  1. kudhar Richardson….reliability
  2. security council 5 permanent out of….15
  3. who got 1st novel prize …Abduls Salam
  4. bacteria…. microbiology
  5. extinction technique used to decrease negative behavior
  6. F4 key is used….. none of these
  7. Tyler curriculum criteria…..
  8. A rectangular is increase by its width and length by 30% to 20%. The area of
    rectangular increased by ?
  9. DESD decade of education ….2005 to 2014
  10. denote antonym…connote
  11. to breakdown information into parts….computational thinking, virtual thinking and
  12. philosophy related to tradition …..essentialism
  13. Philosophy related to ethics, religion….idealism
  14. curriculum related to music, arts, science yad ni
  15. theory making paradigm…..positivism
  16. technology related to which philosophy…. Constructionism
  17. 37 of 74 student give wrong answer the facility index…0.50
  18. Knowledge is compartmentalize in (Subject)
  19. Prior Planning (Subject)
  20. Instruction model design is based on … bloom
  21. Curriculum development (process of designing, implementing curriculum is)
  22. CRT use to divide students … classify groups
  23. Course of activities and contents are merged at classroom level…. Curriculum
    design, Curriculum planning, Curriculum engineering
  24. Mirza ghalib ka mizar… dehli
  25. Correlation value …… -1 to +1
  26. The average score of student draw by the same way of ……Airthematic
  27. Education should be a social …. Rousseau
  1. back to basic to nature…..naturalism
  2. the process of selecting a component from a population called ….none
  3. a state in which is ability to analyze emotional state and other way to guide
    through……IQ, emotional quotient
  4. Collection, review data for the improvement of ongoing process is called …
  5. End of session assessment… Summative assessment
  6. Minimum level Cognition …. Understanding
  7. School HM’s division of works in overall school is… Job specifications
  8. FTF utilize for the welfare of student … HM
  9. Action research is conducted for … immediate solution of Problem
  10. Sum of questions…. None of these
  11. Leave cannot be debited … Half pay, full pay, quarantine, none of these
  12. Collection of activities, material of student work …..portfolio
  13. Inexpensive method of teaching.. lecture
  14. Best child center method for the teaching of Science… None
  15. Introduction, presentation and integration method….Demonstration method
  16. Essentialists believe… Personal interest
  17. Ppt is method of instructions… Indirect
  18. Rules of teaching… Methods of teaching
  19. Pragmatism
  20. Quick transfer of information… Information technology
  21. Development useful for own self and future generations… Sustainable development
  22. Needs of Society is base in … Social philosophy
  23. New accident take into with the existing knowledge is called … Assimilation
  24. Put Same things in same category are called… Classification
  25. To construct Behavioral objective verb use …. To understand
  26. Rubrics
  27. Constructionism
  28. Highest level … Evaluation
  29. Responsibility of school management is … Principal
  30. Muslims first Invade subcontinent in… 712
  31. Epistemology … Knowledge
  32. Narrative description … none of these
  33. Educational institutions, libraries, hospitals use data storage …. Operant system, ms
  34. word, data base management, none of these
  35. The result of similar test for same students or same is … reliability
  36. Extension technique
  37. Cursor is a … pointing device
  38. Which is in-depth study or detail… case study
  39. In past events and thinking apply to current situation is … computational thinking,
  40. critical thinking,
  41. Reflective process are base on … critical thinking
  42. Ability to use controls your own emotion and understanding the belief or emotion of
  43. others…. Emotional intelligence
  44. Supervision main task … help in students problem solution
  45. Scaffolding… peer related
  46. Online technology along with traditional method is learning… adaptive learning
  47. Heuristic means… to investigate
  48. Data presentation in graph … bar graph

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