Most Important MDCAT Biology MCQs PDF With Answers 2022

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Why You did FSC (Pre-Medical)? There is a simple answer to this complicated question, MDCAT Biology mcqs pdf for all those aspirants who have dreamed to become MBBS or BDS doctors and to serve their motherland.

MDCAT is held all over Pakistan by Pakistan Medical Commission. Previously, it was conducted by the University of health sciences, Lahore in Punjab Province. Thousands of students participate in the MDCAT entry test with a dream to become doctors.

MDCAT Biology MCQs Past Papers

If you are preparing for MDCAT 2022? It is good news for you that you can download mdcat biology mcqs pdf from our page. Just download and thoroughly read biology mcqs with answers pdf.

MDCAT 2022 Schedule has been announced. Those who have applied for these exams need a thorough study of the biology portion. KIPS MDCAT Biology MCQs pdf is one of the good books for the preparation of the Biology portion.

Use Biology mcqs online test to check your preparation for MDCAT. If you are getting a 90%+ score, it means you have good preparation but if you do not secure good marks, you need to work hard and prepare more.

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MDCAT Biology MCQs Past Papers

Revise your whole syllabus of Biology through mdcat biology MCQs pdf available on our website. You can download these documents and boost your confidence. We wish you the best of Luck.

  1. Which of the following receptors produce the sensation of pain? Nociceptors.
  2. When your finger accidentally gets caught in a door, the pain message is sent to your brain through? Sensory receptors
  3. The neck has ……………… type of joint? Pivot
  4. The end product of hemoglobin breakdown is? Bilirubin
  5. In what direction, can a DNA polymerase work when catalyzing the addition of nucleotide monomers to build a strand of DNA? From the replication centers in two directions called replication forks.
  6. Which bond is the potential source of chemical energy for cellular activities? C-N
  7. Sharks and rays are included in the class? Chondrichthyes.
  8. In what stage of aerobic respiration are 2-carbon molecules oxidized completely to carbon dioxide? Krebs Cycle
  9. Which of the following does not have specialized respiratory organs? Hydra.
  10. Humming birds belong to the category? Heterotherms
  11. Syphilis is caused by? Treponema pallidum.
  12. In moths’ male is? Homogametic
  13. When carbon dioxide pressure increases the capacity of hemoglobin to hold oxygen? Decreases
  14. The soluble part of the cytoplasm is termed as? Cytosol
  15. Name the enveloped RNA virus that causes infusion hepatitis. HCV
  16. In general, asexual reproduction is common in? Deuteromycota.
  17. Name the vertebrates which are without jaws. Cyclostomata
  18. The total inside capacity of lungs of adult human beings when fully inflated is? 5 ml
  19. Which of the following belong to collenchyma cells? a. fibers b. Sclereids c. Vessels d. None of these
  20. Which of the following promotes both leaf and fruit growth? Gibberellins.
  21. Name the external factor of growth in plants? Corbon Dioxide
  22. The genes of blue opsin are present on? Autosome 7
  23. The dew drops on tips of grass leaves is an example of? Exudation
  24. Which of the following modifies proteins and lipids by adding carbohydrates? Golgi Apparatus
  25. Which of the following are spiral-shaped bacteria? Vibrio
  26. Which of the following is used for lowering blood cholesterol? Lovastatin
  27. Which of the following are called placental mammals? Eutheria
  28. The attraction among water molecules which hold water together is called? Cohesion
  29. Pick the paratonic movement from the following? Nastic
  30. It controls the several automatic functions like breathing, heart rate and blood pressure? Medulla

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