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100 Latest PPSC Past Papers MCQs Solved 2022

100 Latest PPSC Past Papers MCQs Solved 2022

PPSC Past Papers MCQs solved in 2022 in the form of a one-liner are available here. Punjab Public Service Commission has changed its MCQs Bank. The questions which were asked in the past 5 years are not repeated in PPSC Exams.

By understanding the need of the students, we have prepared the top 100 PPSC Past Papers MCQs Solved which are the most important to remember before appearing in any One Paper competition exams.

If you are not from Punjab, You need not worry because these Solved PPSC Past Papers MCQs are equally important for Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Federal Public Service Commission.

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Students usually prepare for their exams from different sources. You can use multiple ways to prepare for your test but PPSC past papers MCQs solved are the best source to study the most relevant and up-to-date PPSC questions asked in 2022.

Solved PPSC Past Papers MCQs with Solution

  1.  Bundi beach is in Australia
  2. Who was the successor of Qutb ud din Aibak (Aram Shah)
  3. Who founded Mosque Cardoba? (Abdul Rehman I)
  4. The demographic transition model was founded in 1929
  5. When did India repeal the Kashmir status Act 5 August 2019
  6. The antonym of haggard is (healthy)….. Haggard means tired.
  7. Talmud is a book of (Jews)
  8. Which key is used to insert text in a cell (Tab
  9. Hassan Habib is associated with which sport (Poker).
  10. Prof. sehl qayyum or seemi kis drama kay kirdar hain? Raja Gidh
  11. Ghabar e khatir ka taluq kis sanf se hai? Khatoot
  12. While this incident come …………… (About).
  13. Which Muslim leader was exiled in Dharam shala in 1919. (Saif ud din kechlew)
  14. The world population according to the UN (7.7 billion).
  15.  Colosseum is located in Rome, Italy
  16. Imperative mood verb represent Pray, advice, and request.
  17. No lady ………… the committee. (in)
  18. Tarbela Dam is located in Topi, Swabi
  19. WINTER Monsoon comes from which side (Northeast).
  20. The potential of pure water is Zero
  21. The foreign policy of Pakistan is Bilateralism
  22. 29th winter univeriade youth games held in which city: Krasnoyarsk
  23. Monkey live …………. The tree (on).
  24. Oil is to seed butter is to Milk
  25. Poet: Poem:: Choreography: Ballet
  26. Vernacular Press Act is given in 1878
  27. Which gas is present in the bulb? Argon
  28. Pakistan climate change Act passed in 2017
  29. Recently Turkey’s relations with US severely due to S400 Missile
  30. Each one of has pencil.
  31. Hazrat Umme Kalsoom died in 630 AD
  32. Maseeh ul Islam is the title of Hazrat Abuzar Ghaffari
  33. Imam Ghazali died in 505 Hijri
  34. Bait ul muqaddas conquered in the reign of Hazrat Umer
  35. Abdullah bin abi back with his soldiers Ghazwa Ohad
  36. In me konsa murakab e atfi hai? Zoq o shoq
  37. Molana shibli nomani ki ap beti kis ne likhi hai? Khalid nadeem
  38. Ismail meerthi kay ustad? Mirza Ghalib
  39. Hafiz mehmood shirani kay mutabiq  urdu first poet? Masood saad suleman
  40. Lisan ul asr? Akbar ala abadi
  41. Shairi me ibtazal se murad hai? Amiana
  42. Zahir dar baig kirdar kis afsana me milta hai? Fasana mubtala
  43. In sub continent election 1935 the final result announced in 1937
  44. The product of the mass and velocity is called Momentum
  45. Muree was constructed in 1853 at Sunny Bank
  46.  The budget of federal government in 2021-22 is 48 trillion.
  47. These books are Yours and Yours. Check Answer
  48. The defence budget in 2021-22 is 1370 Billion
  49. The eduction budget of Punjab 2021-22 is 442 Billion
  50. which river create boarder between jordan and israel? Jordan River
  51. Who write official biography of Quaid e Azam? Stanley Wolpert
  52. A …………….. (field) is a unit of information in a ………. Record
  53. Hijri Calender started by Hazrat Umer
  54. Education institute closed due to COVID19 on? 13 March
  55. Japan current is also called Kuroshio
  56. The Area study center Quaid e Azam University is about Latin America.
  57. World trade organization come into effect? January 1995
  58. the normal temperature of human body on the kelvin scale is? 310
  59. Which prophet is known as Sahib ul hoth? Hazrat Younus
  60. Synonym of scintillating? Glittering
  61. MS Access is used for Data table
  62. I am so weary ……………. Your complaints. Of
  63. Cyclotrone is used to accelerate beam of charged particles.
  64. Pakistan defeat Spain in 1971 hockey world cup.
  65. They eat fruits. Ate
  66. The Empire state Building is in New York
  67. Where does the Volga river originate? Valdai Mountains
  68. Pakistan conducted successful launch of Ghauri Missile System on 8 october, 2018.
  69. Bauxite is an ore of Aluminium
  70. A black hole exert such massive force that its escape velocity is very high due to high gravity (None of these answer in ppsc paper)
  71. If the radius of the circle is increased by 2% then what is the increased in percentage area? 101/25
  72. What would be the reciprocal of sum of reciprocals of 2 & 3? None of these (1.2)
  73. Which yahoodi alim accepted Islam in 1st hijri? Abdullah bin salam (None of these)
  74. Abu jaffar al toofi ki kitab? Al ibtasar

Most Important General Science MCQs for One Paper

  1. 100 unt (camel) ki diyat kis se riwayat hai jisey Hazoor Pak(saww) ne barqarar rakha? Abdul mutlib (None of these answer in ppsc)
  2. Urdu ki wo sinf jis me kisi mulk, waqia ya shehr ki taraf ishara kiya jay? Sift e nisbati
  3. Kyalistan written by? Sajjad Haider yaldaram
  4. Kafan written by? Prem Chand
  5. Urdu e mualla written by? Mirza Ghalib
  6. Fort William college ki mashoor kitab? Araish e Mehfil
  7. Asian 2022 held in Hangzhou
  8. Koh e Murad is the sacred place of Zikri
  9. When the US strikes in Afghanistan? 7 October 2001
  10. Kalat accede to Pakistan 1948
  11. Dars e nizami was established during the reign of Hamayun
  12. The speed of sound is minimum in Air at 0C
  13. Idiom As the crow flies means Directly
  14. A mature tree will take how much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually? 22Kg
  15. Choose correct:  A series of lectures was delivered
  16. Gigantic clouds contain dust and gas in space called i. comet ii. Glaxy iii. Milky Way iv. All of these
  17. Choose the correct one: These cattle are mine
  18. She burst …………. Tears. Into
  19. When communist party banned in Pakistan? 1954
  20. Banjusa Lake is in AJK
  21. Which article of 1973 related to the secret ballots? Article 226
  22. How many Muslim league members are included in the interim government? 5
  23. When Makran acceded to Pakistan? 17 March 1948
  24. Pakistan steel mill was constructed in the reign of Z.A Bhutto
  25. Anna Molka was a famous Painter
  26. Yemen Crisis started in 2011

These PPSC Past Papers MCQs Solved are taken from PPSC Past Papers 2022. So, you can contact us if you find any mistakes in these solved MCQs of PPSC.

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