Discover 7 Facts Why I Miss My Parents After Marriage

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I miss my parents after marriage when i feel alone. Missing mom after marriage is natural. Missing parents after marriage is common

Marriage is the most crucial and critical change in the life of a woman. Many woman ask themselves with weeping voices, “Why I miss my parents after marriage.” It is really horrible to even about think living without family for a man or woman who passed his childhood and adult age while laughing, sitting, joking, and eating with a loving mom and dad.

It is a commonly known fact that missing parents after marriage is definite. But, there are reasons behind missing your family. In this blog, we are going to discuss the top reasons for missing mom after marriage and ways to counter the homesickness of married women.

It is a famous saying, “Man makes his fate himself.” It has various meanings but if we visualize this proverb in the context of the missing family after marriage. You will surely conclude that it is not a big deal. No doubt, it is difficult to leave parents but by observing the following guidelines. One can prevent depression shocks in life. It will not only bring happiness but will strengthen your bond with your family, husband, and parents.

1. Living with the Strange Family is Difficult

When you left your home after marriage, the biggest hurdle is living with strange people which are new to you, and a newly married woman is not even mature enough to understand and interpret the behavior of these people. Therefore, married ladies miss their mom and wish to go back to their home where all are their acquaintances and she can laugh excitedly with them. At last, have the liberty to speak anything without thinking- because no one going to judge your words.

To counter it, Pass some time with a family of your husband. missing mom after marriage will not work here. You need to make friendship with family where you are supposed to live life long. It will not only boost your confidence but will make you more lovable in society.

2. Our Ego Hurts After Marriage

Women live like the queen of their parents at home. She stays in its room and keeps away from household activities. Even show anger on late meal serving. Unfortunately, at hubby’s home, these luxuries are unavailable. I miss my parents after marriage because my ego was hurt after my marriage. Ego is much important but it never lets a person move forward.

Alternatively, be bold. Change your attitude and behavior. Accept your married life and take responsibility for household activities. It will make you strong and you will stay throughout the day. Thus, every day will be pleasant.

3. Too Much Love With Parents

Every person loves his or her parents more than anyone. That’s why missing parents after marriage is natural and common worldwide. Hurrah! Thanks to technological advancements which bring things nearer to each other. Now, we have our parents one click away via Skype, WhatsApp, and Line. So, whenever you feel you are missing your mom after marriage. Just do Video Calls to them and take her uncountable love and prayers.

4. Habit of discussion with mom

Many people have a habit to discuss their routine matters with their moms and parents. These are secret things that no one can feel easy to discuss with his husband and wife. Man is a social animal. He can not even stay at peace without expressing his emotions and thoughts. I miss my parents after marriage because I feel that I have no one to discuss my failures. No one here to pray for me and console me on my failure.

One’s needs to build great trust with his husband or wife so he feels much easier to discuss even the worst experience and failure of his life with his partner. By doing this, missing parents after marriage will not make you tearful. And, you can make sudden plans of meeting with your parents and they will be pleased to see you happy with your husband.

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5. Change of Taste

Humans are hesitant to accept Change. Marriage brought accidental alterations in clothing, food, and sleeping habits. This change is not disastrous but man is not used too to changing things. It looks off and depresses the person.

This problem can be solved by eating together with family so you do not feel a change of taste. Maintain your clothing just like you wear before marriage. These habits will help you to avoid missing parents after marriage.

Is Missing My Parents after marriage wrong?

It is not wrong to miss your parents after marriage. But, if it makes you depressed and disturbs your daily routine. Then, it is dangerous for your physical and mental health. Therefore, pray for your parents but not disturb your psychology. Don’t waste your energies on those things which are avoidable.

6. Limited Social Circle

While living with parents, one has an unlimited social circle and has enough time to enjoy with friends before marriage. These all enjoyment restricts after marriage because if you are a wife, your husband needs your time. And, if you are a husband, your wife needs your time.

Do not go away and seek refuge from your partner. They are your friends. So, try to spend your much time with your partner. Make a plan of outing and if you feel that you are missing mom after marriage, just invite them to dinner and delight them with your great cooking practices.

They would surely love to eat Pizza with your hands.

7. Burden of Responsibilities

Everyone loves to live as a liberated bird. After marriage, liabilities take the position of freedom. One is supposed to compromise on various matters. Similarly, he needs to earn his and his family’s livelihood. A good person is one who feels the burden of responsibilities and acts accordingly.

What One Should Do when feeling depressed after marriage?

Feeling depressed after missing mom after marriage is quite common and preventable by managing your daily routine and calling your parents regularly. Focus on strengthening your family and your depression will fed away.

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