World Environment Day Theme 2022: #OnlyOneEarth

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world environment day theme 2022
theme for world environment day 2022

World Environment Day Theme 2022

United Nations has Officially declared World Environment Day Theme 2022

Only one Earth

In the universe are billions of galaxies,
In our galaxy are billions of planets,
But there is #OnlyOneEarth.
Let’s take care of it.

What is World Environment Day?

Our Earth has seen disastrous climate change over the last decade. Both developed and developing countries are facing the hilarious consequences of climate change as well as global Warming. Several precautionary measures were taken in the past. United Nations is committed to curbing climate change. Therefore, 5 June is celebrated as World Environment Day or Earth day.

Every year, United Nations gives a specific theme to this day. World Environment day theme 2022 is Only One Earth. The theme of world environment day 2022 shows the commitment of the United Nation toward the goal of making this earth a peaceful place for everyone.

Let us explain the world environment day theme 2022 in our own words. There are billions of galaxies that exist in the universe. If we lose one galaxy, there are billions more galaxies to enjoy. Similarly, each galaxy contains billions of planets. It doesn’t matter if any planet loses. But, We have only one earth and we can’t even think to lose this beautiful world.

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Climate Change is alarming for every human being on Earth. Because life only exists on earth. If we lose our earth, it means all human beings on earth will lose their life. So, in order to achieve the desired goals, the first need is to protect our Planet. As we have Only one Earth which is mentioned in the theme for world environment day 2022.

Theme For World Environment Day 2022

Why World environment day theme 2022 is required? There are multiple reasons for this. Let us explain some of these reasons to you.

  1. The past decade has seen alarming global warming which not only questioned human existence on earth. But, it poses a serious challenge for nature due to the disastrous rise in temperature.
  2. Not only Human beings are threatened by global warming but According to United Nations Official website, 1m species are extinct due to this changing climate.
  3. Pollution is another key manifestation of climate change. There are various types of Pollution. Firstly, water pollution due to which healthy and clean water is depleting worldwide. Secondly, Air pollution which is causing serious respiratory and cancerous disease in humans and animals. Thirdly, Land pollution which has various consequences like Plastic deposition. These threats are so big that world is in the situation of great emergency.

How to Get rid of Climate Change in 2022?

World Environment day theme 2022 is designed to address the world and increase consciousness of developing as well as developed states.

  1. Firstly, We need to improve the economy. Socio economic problems are the main problem due to which we are failed to spend our knowledge and full concentration on rescuing Climate.
  2. Secondly, There is wide technology gap worldwide. Developed countries should support developing countries in technology transfer. So, they also become able to use these technology in curbing pollution and other factors that are responsible for climate change.


Theme of world environment day 2022 is a campaign and United Nations efforts for global unity. The globe should be united and find ways to work together and sort out the challenges posed by global warming with collective efforts and hard world.

These threats are worldwide. Every country is facing some or other issue due to climate change. So, this is not the problem of a single country. Therefore, it is time to unite the world in thinking and efforts collectively to save our world. This is the theme for world environment day 2022.

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